Texture Mapper

TexMap is a 'Texture Mapper' I wrote for conjuring up maps in Spring. I was attempting to convert old maps that I used to love from OTA into Spring's map format. The issue, however, is that textures in OTA are only 256-colors, on top of having the water textured into them as they are only 2d in appearance. In Spring, the maps are entirely 3d and water should not be part of the texture map.

I have noticed that a lot of maps tend to have the deep blues written into the textures themselves instead of using Spring's water functionality and coloring to do the job for them. I don't prefer this approach so I don't use it in my texture mapper.

Currently, TexMap takes a heightmap, a shadow mask, a light mask, a few textures, and a list of textures and their conditions and throws it all together to make a map. In the future I intend to add stuff like ray tracing to generate the shadows (as I currently use GIMP's bumpmapping to make the shadow/light maps), some other conditions for terrain types by checking for a slope of some sort, and also a user interface to help with the configuration of the texture map.

In its current condition, TexMap is pretty crude, and the textures that come with it by default look like total garbage because I am not an artist. You will have to modify the TexMap.cpp source file if you want to change the files you are pulling from. Right now, TexMap only supports exporting its files to PNG, as I have not yet written code to save to a BMP, which is required by Mother's MapConv, line-by-line.